Built for owners. Tuned to solve sales & operational challenges:

Commercial & Residential Workflows 

 Small Business & Enterprise

  • English & Spanish Translation
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Job Costing
  • Fixed & Hourly Estimating
  • Plant Healthcare Mgmt.
  • In-Depth Reporting

“The TreeTamer team is laser focused on the exact context for their involvement, solving the client’s core challenges at its root causes.”

Jon Cable

Anderson Tree & Gutter Service

Quote The Job

  • Digital Quotes: Get Quotes On Demand.

  • Targets: Capture Your Client’s Desired Job.

  • Pictures & Videos: Confirm the Job with Your Clients Using Visuals.

  • Pins: Mark & describe your targets on  maps.

  • Approvals: Obtain Signatures Onsite or Remotely via Email or Text Link.

Assign The Job

  • Details: Your crew knows where to be and when to be there.

  • Equipment Mgmt: Don’t double book equipment. Your crew knows what to take to the job.

  • Intensity Scores: Don’t burn your guys out. Schedule jobs based on difficulty.

  • Preview: Your crew can see what’s coming down the line and be prepared.

Do The Work

  • Targets: Pictures and videos show exactly what trees to look at and where the problems are.

  • Actions: Steps to take like access, setup, removal and disposal are captured in the quoting process and passed along to your crew.

  • Notes: Reduce down time of communicating back and forth. The crew knows exactly where to start.

Get Paid

  • Digital Payments: No going back to collect a check. Clients can pay with a credit card or ACH.

  • Direct Deposit: Funds are directly transferred into your account.

  • Options: Choose to add surcharging and reduce the burden on your business.

  • Reporting: Track and monitor payments with comprehensive reporting.


Jacob Henley:

I love making things! My favorite things to make are businesses that require some custom engineering. I have tackled many projects involving hardware and software, including nitro coffee vending, robotics and automation, web dev, and 3d software development. I am equally fascinated by the challenge of engineering and entrepreneurship.

Flight is one of my dreams and currently most of my free time is dedicated to that endeavor. You can find me with the rest of our crew skydiving, paramotor flying, and paragliding. I am also in the process of getting a Private pilot license for fixed wing! Eventually I want to make something like the Jetson One, but it has to be capable of a barrel roll!

Josh Kaywood:

My professional background has largely been spent building something. I’ve been a part of building a sustainable seafood distribution company, a health care technology company and recently the southeastern division of a non-profit. My strengths are suited towards problem solving and relate particularly well to business strategy and development.

When I’m not in the office, I’m probably fixing something in my house / truck, chasing kids around, or cooking dinner with my wife. If the stars align PERFECTLY, you will find me in the woods hunting, fishing, climbing or paddling.