Stop filling out annoying forms!

Talk2Quote is EASY. Just talk, it does the rest!

You want to drive sales for your company!

Whether out in the field selling, or running a sales team, estimating softwares (CRMs) are annoying. Everyone hates them.

You tell yourself you need the data. Totally true, but as the saying goes, garbage in = garbage out.


Talk2Quote is your solution!


  1.  Hold your phone and speak as if explaining the job to your crew. Talk2Quote generates an itemized estimate using your prices. Review, then click send.
  2. On approval, a work order is generated detailing the job, labor and equipment needed.
  3. You will save a ton of time,  giving you more time for more sales! Which is what you want. right?

Yes. We have all of the other features you need to run your business. Scheduling, invoicing and payments, equipment management, real time reports. Everything!