Bidding On Contracts Is Hard To Get Right…

A lot of work needs to happen to make sure you:

  • Win the job

  • Make money

  • Deliver a job well done

  • Earn repeat business 


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Use Reports To Make Accurate Estimates!

Helpful reports require data. TreeTamer makes tracking the details easy! 

Why TreeTamer for Owner / Operators?

The true value of any business management softwares is ease of use. Why?


As business owners we need to make strategic decisions. We use reports to help us, but reports are only as good as the data collected.


Our design philosophy is rooted in simplicity. 


We want your team to be able to pick TreeTamer up and run. It HAS to be:

  • Easy enough for the non technical / older gen to accept
  • Thorough enough to inform your decisions
  • Flexible enough to meet your needs

Ease of use means you will collect more data and increased accuracy!

Dont Over Complicate it

Most of the tree companies I know aren’t trying to launch rockets. Meaning the data we need isn’t difficult to get. 


Most Owners /Operators Want To Know:

  • Sales Performance
  • Quote Accuracy
  • Pricing / Market Value 
  • Crew Performance   

Whatever else is important to you. We can track it and report it!


Everything starts with the quote process. 

  • Standardize your services and leverage The Man Hour Quoting Framework to accurately estimate your jobs. 
  • Track your quotes — are you winning or losing? 
  • How accurate are your quotes? Are jobs going faster or longer? 


Understand where your profit margins are.

  • What services are the most profitable?
  • What job type is more profitable for your business?
  • Quickly make changes to your billing structure and improve your win rate or profit margin.

“Since Joining TreeTamer Our Monthly Gross Income Has Gone Up 33%”

I own and operate a Tree Service in Texas, and although my first three years of running the business have been good, quoting the job and making sure the price is right for my business has always been a struggle. I reached out to Josh at TreeTamer and I am glad I did.  If you are in Tree Service industry,  it is a valuable tool to have with you.

Kent Amidon
Amidon Tree

Manage your tree business & reduce the stress…

  • Built to quote tree jobs
  • Easy scheduling, invoicing & payments
  • No contracts

TreeTamer Has What You Need!

Quote The Job

  • Digital Quotes: Get Quotes On Demand.

  • Targets: Capture Your Client’s Desired Job.

  • Pictures & Videos: Confirm the Job with Your Clients Using Visuals.

  • Approvals: Obtain Signatures Onsite or Remotely via Email or Text Link.

Assign The Job

  • Details: Your crew knows where to be and when to be there.

  • Equipment Tags: Your crew knows exactly what to take to get the job done.

  • Intensity Scores: Don’t burn your guys out. Schedule jobs based on difficulty.

  • Preview: Your crew can see what’s coming down the line and be prepared.

Do The Work

  • Targets: Pictures and videos show exactly what trees to look at and where the problems are.

  • Actions: Steps to take like access, setup, removal and disposal are captured in the quoting process and passed along to your crew.

  • Notes: Reduce down time of communicating back and forth. The crew knows exactly where to start.

Get Paid

  • Digital Payments: No going back to collect a check. Clients can pay with a credit card or ACH.

  • Direct Deposit: Funds are directly transferred into your account.

  • Options: Choose to add surcharging and reduce the burden on your business.

  • Reporting: Track and monitor payments with comprehensive reporting.

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