CRM features are table stakes. TreeTamer has MORE and it’s EASY to use.

Language Translation:

Automatically translate everything in the app. such as:

  • Quotes

  • Work Orders

  • Notes

  • Job Descriptions 

Quote Management:

  • Track the status of your quotes at a glance!

  • Approved quotes notify you instantly, and change color so you never miss a job.

  • See all of the relevant details for each job, without leaving the page.

  • Convert approved quotes to jobs with a click of a button.

Easy Scheduling:

  • Drag & drop jobs onto your cal.

  • Need to reschedule? Drag again to the next opening.

  • Notify clients of when their job is scheduled and of any changes.


  • Track metrics collected by sales and crews

  • Dashboard shows real time data

  • View reports customized to you.


  • Send invoices to your clients

  • Track who has paid, and follow up

  • Get paid through credit card or bank transfer

  • Customize your payment terms

  • Include your logo

  • Include your language or legalise